How To Sell More Products Through Solo Ads

Solo ads are a great resource for selling either affiliate products or your own ebook or digital info product. By spending $20 to $100 you’re getting access to a captive audience via someone’s email list, providing you a quick way to get your product (either affiliate or your own) out in the marketplace. There are […]

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How to Find an Ezine for Any Niche

You’ve heard it said that you can make money in just about any niche or market. And this is true. One of the easiest ways to sell products is in an ezine. But where do you find the best ezine for more obscure markets? Maybe you have your own product or an affiliate product that […]

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solo ad advertising

Solo Ad Advertising – How To Do It Right

What is Solo Ad Advertising? Solo ad advertising consists of having a solo ad sent out to someone else’s (not your own) email subscriber list. But what is a solo ad? A solo ad is an email message sent out to a third party’s email list. It consists of a subject line, body text, and […]

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Internet Marketing Campaign

Creating a Successful Internet Marketing Campaign

The whole point of creating an internet marketing campaign is to make a profit.  Online advertising can take many different forms. You can choose to use free traffic brought to you by Google via SEO, or you can opt to use paid traffic. Both work well, but each have their drawbacks. Free traffic gained by […]

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banner ads


If you’ve been around internet marketing for awhile, you’re probably somewhat familiar with banner ads. You’ve seen them on the sidebars and mixed in with the text on websites. But have you thought about how to create them for your own marketing purposes? This article will teach you the basics of building effective and profitable […]

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email campaigns


Every successful online marketer knows that the key to success is running email campaigns to their subscriber list. But there are some requisites to being successful with email marketing. Successful Email Campaigns Send Multiple Messages The first thing to keep in mind is that one email message won’t make you any profit. Your email campaign […]

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Directory of Ezines Review – What You Need to Know About It!

Click here for the Directory of Ezines This is our Directory of Ezines Review. For more information on the Directory of Ezines, click the link below: Directory of Ezines – Official Site In this Directory of Ezines review, we’ll give you an in-depth look at what it is and how it works. Basically, it’s a […]

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Solo Ads


How to Build Your List With Solo Ads Using solo ads to build your list is a must these days. To be a successful online marketer you need a list that you can market to over and over. That’s where the money is today. Why solo ads and not banner ads or classified ads? These […]

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Directory of Ezines Review: What You Need To Know This is our Directory of Ezines Review. For more information on the Directory of Ezines, please click the link below. Directory of Ezines – Official Site The Directory of Ezines was founded back in the early years of the internet. It was originally intended to be […]

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ezine advertising

What is Ezine Advertising?

What is Ezine Advertising? Before we can talk about what ezine advertising is, we should first define the word “ezine”. The word “ezine” is a derivative of the words “electronic” and “magazine”. Basically, it’s a magazine that’s delivered to its subscribers electronically. The most common method of delivery is via email. Some publishers keep their […]

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